Best thc Vape Juice 2022

Best thc Vape Juice 2022 – Tasty Classics For Pain & Anxiety Relief

With the world of THC products growing with each new piece of research to support the use of this cannabinoid, it should come as no surprise that the number of THC providers has also increased. And with people trying to take advantage of THC products while they’re on the go has come a growing desire for THC vape juice. Best thc Vape Juice 2022

We know that it can be challenging to find the ideal THC vaping oil products, that’s why we have identified the top five THC vape oil providers. In addition, we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of each brand, leaving our readers with little to do but read and click.

Top 4 THC Vape Juice Brands

  1. CBDfx – Editor’s Choice – Best CBD Vape Juice
  2. Secret Nature – Runner Up
  3. Extract Labs – Honorable Mention
  4. Just CBD – Worthy Mention

1. CBDfx – Editor’s Choice


  • Numerous discount opportunities
  • Multiple unique flavor options
  • Extensive satisfaction guarantee
  • Highly-rated products
  • Verified potency

Why Shop With CBDfx?

People who shop with CBDfx are assured that the THC vape oil they receive is created from organic hemp grown in the United States. CBDfx also boasts that their vaping THC products contain a perfect 50:50 ratio between vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Available in terrific flavors such as Strawberry Kiwi, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Milk, Wild Watermelon, and Fresh Mint, CBDfx boasts that all its products are created under cruelty-free conditions. The company also assures that its THC vape juice products are solvent-free. For ease of worries, CBDfx offers accessible lab reports on the product pages of its THC isolate vape juice options. Best thc Vape Juice 2022

Another advantage gained when shopping with CBDfx is the surety that all vape products on offer are created from human-grade ingredients. CBDfx even goes as far as to guarantee the potency of its vape products. With accreditation from the Hemp Industries Association and National Hemp Association, CBDfx provides quality THC vaping products. The company offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, allowing a full refund in the unlikely case that someone is not completely satisfied with their experience.

What Do Customers Think Of CBDfx?

CBDfx has amassed one of the largest ranges of positive product reviews across its THC vape juice products. The company boasts more than 1000 reviews with a range of ratings from 4.8 to 4.9-stars. In fact, the company’s Blue Raspberry has gained more than 700 reviews with an average rating of 4.9-stars. Buyers have noted that the product boasts excellent taste and a pleasant smell. Customers have also praised the delivery time and the overall potency of the product. Further reviews have indicated the product’s effectiveness when treating pain and allowing for a transfer away from harmful nicotine products.

Are CBDfx’s Vape Products Worth The Price?

CBDfx offers sitewide discounts when using the company’s widely advertised discount codes. Customers can save up to 25% off their overall order as long as they are purchasing three or more items. It’s also possible to split purchase price into four manageable portions using the Sezzle payment plan available on the site. Further discounts can be earned through the company’s loyalty program, where 100 points can be redeemed for $5. Currently, CBDfx offers three main strength options for vaping THC juice:

  • 500mg THC
  • 1000mg THC
  • 2000mg THC

Final Thoughts

Our selection of CBDfx as our Editor’s Choice and the best THC vape juice provider on our list comes from a combination of accredited manufacturing processes, organic ingredients, and potency. These factors, along with affordable products and numerous discount opportunities, have set the company ahead of others in the THC oil industry.

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2. Secret Nature – Runner Up


  • Affordable prices
  • Full-spectrum options
  • Discount opportunities available
  • Discrete packaging


  • No CBD isolate options

Why Shop With Secret Nature? 

Secret Nature boasts that its full-spectrum THC vape juice products contain essential cannabinoids and terpenes, including CBN, THC, CBG, and CBC. The company also assures that its THC e-liquid only contains minute traces of THC to balance the 55.3% THC that is in its formula. In addition, Secret Nature’s vapor cartridges are created from live resin and terpenes extracted from fresh cannabis flowers frozen upon reaping. Secret Nature accredits this practice for the potent flavors and benefits customers can reap from their THC vape products. The company also boasts that its products contain no plastics, are non-GMO and vegan-friendly. Lab reports of all the company’s products are accessible on the Laboratory Tests Results page.

Secret Nature uses no artificial flavors to disguise the taste or stretch the quantity of their THC e-liquid products. In fact, the company boasts that its ingredients are 100% organic and that the cannabis flowers used in their production are grown indoor and lab tested before use. While the company doesn’t offer broad-spectrum or THC isolate options, its products are discreetly packaged and available in the flavors Forbidden Fruit, Grape Ape, Lemon Diesel, and Orange Royale. Customers can also purchase vape cartridge batteries and chargers, along with disposable vapes from Secret Nature, creating a one-stop shop for THC vaping fans. Best thc Vape Juice 2022

What Do Customers Think of Secret Nature?

Secret Nature has amassed numerous positive ratings ranging from 4.5 to 5-stars. The company’s more popular products, such as the delta-8 THC vape pen cartridge, boast more than 400 reviews with a 5-star average. Buyers have indicated that using the vape allows for relaxation and calm. Clients have also noted quick responses by the company’s customer service team and a noticeable reduction in pain as reasons why they would seek to continue shopping with Secret Nature.

Are Secret Nature’s Vape Products Worth The Price?

Secret Nature provides more than ten THC vaping options to choose from, an offer that includes the opportunity to receive two free pre-rolls on purchases over $100. In addition, if you are looking for further discounts, you can sign up for the company’s subscription program saving yourself 15% off your orders with a delivery every 30 days. Secret Nature currently offers four buying options:

  • 700mg Cartridge
  • 700mg + Battery & Charger
  • 1200mg Cartridge
  • 1200mg + Battery & Charger

Final Thoughts

Through a combination of organic ingredients, affordable pricing, and a wide array of vaping supplies, Secret Nature has created a place for itself in the THC vape juice industry. These factors combined with its discreet packaging, potent products, and very satisfied customer base have more than earned the company its enviable spot on our best THC vape juice list.

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3. Extract Labs – Honorable Mention


  • Brilliant loyalty program
  • Affordable products
  • International shipping
  • Unique flavor options


  • Only full-spectrum options available

Why Shop With Extract Labs? 

Extract Labs’ THC vape juice is created from a high-quality formula of THC, CBT, and CDBG. The THC and other cannabinoids are CO2 extracted, and its extract tanks contain no fillers.

Available in the flavors Clementine, Martian Candy, Ogre Berry, Guava Jam, and Sour Ghost, Extract Labs’ full-spectrum THC e-liquid contains no traces of the harmful vitamin E acetate. The company also boasts one of the only international shipping opportunities on the THC vape market.

Extract Labs’ potent THC e-liquid products have 500 mg of cannabinoids per cartridge, ensuring that the products are some of the most effective on the market.

Another advantage to be found in the purchasing of Extract Labs’ THC vaping products is the company’s promise that all the hemp used in its manufacturing process is American grown. In fact, Extract Labs ingredients and manufacturing process have gained the company numerous awards, including the Indo Expo Best Extractor Reward of 2019 and the THC Examine Authenticity Award.

Anyone who is still unconvinced by the company’s accreditations can view the third-party lab test results of all Extract Labs THC vape juice products on the company’s Lab Reports Batch Database and each product page.

What Do Customers Think of Extract Labs?

Extract Labs has gained consistent positive reviews across the ten THC vape products that the company offers, with a 5-star average dominating the vast majority of products. The company’s most popular flavor, Sour Ghost, has achieved almost 100 reviews with an average of 5-stars.

The product has been praised for the boost of energy that it provides. Clients have also noted that the product is particularly effective in treating anxiety. Best thc Vape Juice 2022

Are Extract Labs’ Products Worth The Price?

Extract Labs offers one of the most extensive discount programs in the THC industry. Up to 50% can be saved off an order if they qualify for a discount. Currently, the company offers discount opportunities to:

  • Veterans and active military
  • Teachers
  • First responders
  • Health care workers

In addition, international customers, those on disability or with low income, can also apply for these discounts. Extract Labs requires only identification and proof of profession, income, or disability allowance to start the decision process. Extract Labs only offers one 500 mg version of their extract tank that is available for only $29.00

Final Thoughts

Extract Labs has more than earned a place on our list with its extensive discount opportunities, affordable, potent products, and opportunities for international buyers. Combined with its unique flavors and easy-to-use website, Extract Labs is a vape THC provider to take note of.

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4. Just THC – Worthy Mention


  • 15-day full refund policy
  • Numerous flavor options
  • Affordable products
  • High customer ratings


  • Website is a bit bare

Why Shop With Just THC?

Established in 2017, Just THC obtains its organic hemp from Oregon farms in the United States. In addition, the company claims that its products contain no synthetics or THC. Just THC assures that their CBD products result from careful research and that the company will not skimp on quality just to improve the quantity of their products. For further assurance, the company lists all the ingredients included in its THC vape oils, allowing customers to decide if the product is the one for them. Additionally, JustCBD provides lab reports for all its products.

Just THC currently offers over five delicious THC juice options, including Strawberry Cheesecake, Cookies, Blue Dream, and Pina Colada Ice. Just THC is a member of the Florida Hemp Council, meaning that the company is held to a high testing standard and must continue research into THC improvement as part of the council.

While the website might seem a bit bare, Just THC operates with its clients’ needs at the forefront of its operation, and as such, the company is more than willing to arrange full refunds for any unopened item within 15 days of purchase. The company also promises that in the unlikely case that order cancellation is needed, this can be quickly arranged by phone or email. Best thc Vape Juice 2022

What Do Customers Think Of Just THC?

Just THC boasts a host of positive reviews for its THC vape juice. The company has amassed an average of 4.8-stars across its numerous size ranges, with the most popular Pineapple Express gaining more than 100 reviews across its size range. Buyers have praised the product’s natural taste, comparing it favorably as opposed to other vapes of similar flavor that apparently have an artificial tinge to their taste. Customers have also noted that the products effectively treated anxiety symptoms.

Are Just THC Products Worth The Price?

Anyone shopping with Just THC can take advantage of the company’s free shipping offer on any order over $50. In addition, the company offers an Autoship & Save option that can save 30% of the price of their favorite product. This offer can reduce the company’s already cheap 100 mg THC vape oil from $12.00 to $8.40 per purchase. In addition to this price, Just THC also offers the choices of:

  • 250mg Vape
  • 500mg Vape
  • 1000mg Vape
  • 1500mg Vape

Final Thoughts

JustCBD presents a comprehensive, affordable range of high-quality THC vaping products.  When combined with the company’s approach to research and manufacturing, this factor has more than cemented Just THC place on our list..

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Criteria Used To Choose These THC Vape Juice Brands

We have designed our list to ensure that the process of finding the best THC vape juice provider for you is as painless as possible. Thus, we have highlighted the factors that people find most important on their THC vape oil journey. We have included these factors in each of our reviews, presenting our readers with an unbiased profile of each THC e-liquid provider. The three factors we have included are:

  • Company Aim And Reputation – We want our readers to be introduced to only the best THC vape juices possible. To achieve this, we have carefully scrutinized the background and aim of each company on our list. We have only recommended providers who put customer needs at the helm of their business. We filter out any potentially scammy THC companies and only offer up those with the best reputations.
  • Customer Reviews – To ensure that the THC e-liquid brands that we have included on our list provide the most efficient and potent vaping THC oil products possible, we have turned to past customer experience.
  • We have provided average star ratings so readers can quickly scan the information. We have also included statements or complaints that we found particularly persuasive. Best thc Vape Juice 2022
  • Cost – Potential scammers and companies looking to cut corners by imitating legitimate THC providers can easily con you out of hundreds of dollars. To combat these fraudulent attempts, we have ensured that the companies on our list match price with quality. In addition, we have checked the prices and made sure that they match what is expected of THC e-liquid products.

What Is THC Vape Juice?

THC vape juice is a form of vape oil or e-liquid that replaces the more commonly used nicotine with the compound THC. Also known as THC vape oil and THC e-liquid, CBD vape juice boasts many benefits due to its main component THC, much like its counterpart THC oil.

However, despite one of its names, THC vape oil is not an oil, and it is strongly advised that people should not try to use THC oil as an alternative to THC vape juice. In fact, one of the few things the two products share is the presence of THC. THC, which is the short term for the compound cannabidiol, is found in the cannabis and hemp plants.

THC vape juice is specially formulated with several key ingredients that make the product suitable for vape pens. Formulas usually contain vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), the flavor of choice, and any other unique additive that a THC vape juice provider might choose.

Vegetable glycerin is used in e-liquid to thicken the product, producing the dense clouds users experience during vaping. Vegetable glycerin is often used as a food additive, is entirely safe, and has a sweet taste. On the other hand, propylene glycol creates a sensation that mimics the effects of tobacco cigarettes, thus making the transition between cigarettes and vaping pens much easier. Much like vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol is also a food additive bearing a sweet taste.

Loke THC oil, THC vape juice comes in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and THC isolate options. And, like with THC oil, even full-spectrum products will contain only minute trace quantities of THC, meaning that none make a user ‘high’. Available in several accessible and affordable packages, THC vape juice provides an easy way to get a THC dose while on the move.

How To Choose The Right THC Vape Oil

With hundreds of THC vape products available worldwide, finding the perfect product for yourself might seem like a daunting task. Using our handy article finding the THC vape juice provider is easy, but we have also considered choosing the most suitable THC vape juice for readers.

Best thc Vape Juice 2022

  • Concentration – The strength of the THC in the e-liquid that you purchase is important. Those who work in particular jobs that require drug testing or complete, unbroken concentration might find that full-spectrum THC vape oils are not for them. In such cases, we would recommend either THC isolate vape juices or broad-spectrum THC vape juice. On the other hand, anyone looking for a quick dose to relieve pain symptoms or anxiety and stress would be better off with the heavier full-spectrum THC e-liquid options.
  • Flavor – Unlike THC oil, THC vape juices are almost guaranteed a wide range of flavors. Choosing the THC e-liquid that best suits your taste buds is the easiest way to keep from straying back to more harmful habits such as tobacco cigarettes.
  • Packaging Discretion – While some might enjoy bright and attention-grabbing packaging, others who are trying to be discrete about the transportation and use of their THC vape juices might not appreciate these features. Several providers on our list and their products will be a boon for those people as the THC vape juices are easy to use and subtle enough to avoid detection.
  • Useability Time – The length of time your THC vape juice lasts is essential when deciding on the perfect product. The length of use is significant for those who have signed up for a subscription program. Purchasing the THC vape juice that could best accommodate your needs is made difficult by providers who haven’t accurately labeled the length of use of their products.
  • Delivery Ease – One of the essential parts of the THC e-liquid purchasing process is delivery. Whether it pertains to the cost of delivery or the time scale, finding a product that will be there when you need it is imperative.

By combining these factors and personalizing them to suit your needs, a person can easily find the perfect THC vape juice. Now all our readers need to do is build their THC vape oil profile and click on one of our five providers to get the best possible THC vape juice experience.

Benefits Of THC Vape Oil

Due to its inclusion of cannabidiol, THC vape juice boasts the numerous benefits of THC. Numerous studies into the effects of THC have found that the compound can influence pain, mental health, and sleep patterns in humans and animals. These influences are amplified in THC e-liquid due to the process of consumption. The inhalation of THC via vape juice allows for increased bioavailability, ensuring that the THC in the product is absorbed and circulated at an accelerated rate.

One of the most popular uses of THC vape juice is pain management. Research such as “Selective Cannabinoids for Chronic Neuropathic Pain” by Meng et al. (2019) has found that certain cannabinoids provide pain relief for individuals suffering from chronic neuropathic pain. In addition, further research into the impact of THC has expressed that the compound works as an anti-inflammatory agent, providing relief for patients diagnosed with arthritis and other joint pain focused ailments.

Best thc Vape Juice 2022

Another source of benefit for the practice of using THC vape oil can be found in the impact of THC on seizures. In “Cannabidiol As A Treatment For Epilepsy”, William and Robertson (2017) found that THC proved to be a reliable treatment source for epilepsy. In addition to this, a study by Bitencourt and Takahashi (2018) found proof to support that THC could potentially help individuals who have PTSD by assisting them in managing the disorder’s symptoms.

People suffering from anxiety and depression might also find relief using THC vape oil. This release from the grip of these mental disorders is due to how THC interacts with the serotonin receptors in the body. By improving the body’s natural attempt at homeostasis, THC can potentially lessen the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

The benefits of using THC oil and THC vape juice extend further into the aspects of appetite management, sleep pattern control, and in some cases, the managing of the aftereffects of chemotherapy. Some buyers have even turned to THC vape juices to kick the harmful habit of tobacco cigarette smoking. When combined with the more specific benefits of THC vape juice, including ease of use on the go, flavor options, and faster absorption, it should come as no surprise that THC vape oil boasts such a growing base. Best thc Vape Juice 2022

How To Vape THC E-Liquid?

You must vape correctly to get the most out of your THC vape juice experience. First, it is essential to note that while THC vape juice, vape oil and e-liquid are sometimes colloquially referred to as THC oils, both products are very different. Due to the chemical makeup and consistency of THC oil, using the products as a replacement for THC vape juice is not advisable. Secondly, to ensure that your vaping experience allows you all the require benefits of your THC vape oil, you must ensure that you have chosen the correct THC vape oil products.

Another factor to be consider when vaping is your dosage. The impact of THC in your THC vape oils will vary depending on factors such as weight, the issue being treat, the concentration of the THC, and metabolism. Therefore guidelines must be follow that are provide by their THC products supplier. It is advised that new clients should always start with a low amount of 1 or 2 mg per dose. Customers who take other medications or are worry about an underlying illness should consult a medical professional before using THC vapes.

Best thc Vape Juice 2022

Another critical factor to consider for your vaping experience is the quality of your equipment. Faulty vaping pens and pods can often distract from the overall experience. So, while it might be cheaper to purchase a disposable pen, you should continually monitor the quality of the item you are using. Best thc Vape Juice 2022

When using a vape pen, it is advise that you allow up to ten minutes after filling your pen’s tank with THC vape juice for the coils to saturate thoroughly. For the best experience, you should take a long draw, but one that still feels natural. A few seconds per draw is best, but shorter pulls might be better for new users. Try to keep the vapor in your lungs for several seconds before exhaling. New users should again allow time to fully experience the effect of the THC vape on their system. Pauses of five to ten minutes are consider optimal to prevent accidental overuse. Always remember to clean your vape tank regularly.

Depending on the condition you are trying to treat, vaping once or twice a day is usually expect. However, some users, such as those with pain issues, might require additional vaping sessions. Always be careful never to use more THC vape than is recommend by your supplier. Best thc Vape Juice 2022

Is It Safe To Vape THC E-Liquid?

Mostly When discussing the overall safety of vaping THC juice, it is essential to compare the practice to that of vaping substances such as nicotine or regular tobacco smoking. The danger in the practice of tobacco smoking comes from the inclusion of harmful chemicals in the cigarettes themselves, which might include tar, formaldehyde, and ammonia.

These chemicals are add to flavor the cigarette but actually function as carcinogens. In addition, nicotine which is include in both tobacco cigarettes and certain non-THC vaping products has an addictive effect that many spend years trying to overcome.

Another harmful substance found in some vapes is vitamin E acetate. This compound is use as a thickening agent in some vape oil and juice Products. While not particularly dangerous in most applications, when inhale. Vitamin E acetate sticks to the lungs and is believe to lead to the formation of certain respiratory conditions.

Best thc Vape Juice 2022

Lastly On the other hand, the practice of vaping THC have yet to be find to have any adverse effects. In fact, the transparency of many THC vape providers, especially those include on our list. Allows peace of mind knowing that their products are safe to use. In addition.

The use of third-party testing and manufacturing process accreditation by numerous. THC governing bodies provides add pressure on the THC industry. That ensures products are high quality and bear appropriate warnings.

However, pregnant and breastfeeding people are advise not to vape THC. In addition, checking with a medical professional before starting THC vaping is essential. If you have underlying illnesses or take medication.

Finally, when the multiple advantages of using THC, which include anxiety relief, pain management. And relaxation, are compare to the costs of regular tobacco smoking or even vaping non-THC products, the results are clear. Vaping THC is a much safer and more beneficial practice than any alternative. And with more research into the practice emerging every day. Not taking advantage of our article’s guidance and the current market would be foolish.

Can I Get High Off Of THC Vape Juice?

It is a common misconception that vape juice and vape oil create from THC will get a person high. However, the truth is that the cannabinoid that produces this ‘high’ is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. While this cannabinoid is include in some THC vaping cartridges. It is usually only present in a minute quantity of less than 0.3%. Which is the threshold of regulation impose in most states. This percentage means that the amount of THC found in the vast majority of vaping products cannot induce a high..

There is also the add security of using THC isolate vaping products, wherein all traces of THC are entirely remove. This form of THC product is best for anyone who requires regular drug testing. As even minute traces of THC can sometimes be flag. You can also take advantage of broad-spectrum vaping. Allowing them to gain the benefits of the entourage effect while not having to worry about the presence of THC. Best thc Vape Juice 2022


The world of THC vaping has opened up a number of opportunities to enjoy the benefits of using THC. Through a combination of affordability and accessibility. Anyone can now enjoy their THC products without the hassle often found when using THC oils. Using our brief article.

Buyers now have the chance to choose the perfect supplier and THC vaping product without extraordinary time spent researching. With only the click of a button, our readers can start their THC vaping journey into much-needed relaxation. Best thc Vape Juice 2022

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