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Buy Cbd Oil Australia Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid that gets a lot of positive attention globally. Mainly due to its potential health benefits without the mind-altering effects like those associated with the more well-known cannabinoid, Tetrahydroncannabinol (THC). Although CBD was actually discover before THC. The research has been more on the latter due to its euphoric effect and popularity for non-medical purposes.

There is some misunderstanding of the regulations around buying CBD oil legally in Australia. If it can be bought over the counter without a script as well as how this product differs from hemp oil. The information below is design to assist in understanding this popular cannabinoid and help when considering buying CBD oil.

CBD Oil Australia

Can CBD oil products be bought over the counter without a script?

Technically yes, but none are available YET… and unlikely will be available within the next 12 months.

Although the TGA down-schedule low-dose CBD in Feb 2021. There are currently no TGA approve products that meet the criteria to be sold over the counter. This means patients wanting to access CBD and other medicinal cannabis products legally, will still require a doctor prescription.

Want to buy CBD oil in Australia?

Until low-dose over the counter CBD products are available. CBD oil cannot legally be bought in Australia without a prescription from a doctor because these products are consider Prescription Medicines. So, purchasing these products from a store or online is illegal and does not come with the assurance of accurate labelling. A study in the UK, where CBD oil (containing no THC) can be purchase without a prescription, look at products available for purchase and show that only 38% (11 out of the 29 products tested) were accurately label. Furthermore, 45% of these products tested had measurable levels of THC which is an issue for patients concern about THC testing at work or on the road.

In order to prescribe a product containing CBD (or any medical cannabis as the active ingredient). A register Australian medical practitioner must apply to the TGA for approval on behalf of the patient.

If you are looking for information on how to talk to your doctor about CBD oil. Or to find a clinic or doctor who is comfortable and familiar with the prescribing process in Australia for medical cannabis, you can download the Simple Steps to Accessing Medicinal Cannabis guide.

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